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Shumaila Shahidhey bilal i read your mssg ..i had it saved forever...if u still have this thing working and u come across this message u can message me and add me at

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Shumaila Shahidadd me at

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Muhammad Bilalthat was a quick replyy..... i almost forgot what i wrote to you then... sure will send an email .. and where you based now....

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Naadia SayedHEYY!!!....ok lemme introduce myself first...i'm BANI (Mrs. Lynna Islam's daughter) i donno if u still remember brother's name is Tonmoy ...our families used to know each other back in bahrain...well i just saw ur name and thought of mailing u but apparently i had to would really love to hear from u...and it wud be nice if u mail add is naadia_islam@hotmail.comtc bye

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Shumaila Shahidheyy i remember Mohammadi baji....the one wid the scarf rit...she was teaching there for a while....and was very active with organising stuff n all...hehe well this is shumaila ..i was a junior bak then.....this is cool ..i'm hopin i can find my long lost buddies here..i dunno if many ppl know abt this...wonder f there is a way to spreadthis site around....neways PUS was the best school ...i love it...i miss it bad.....

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Muhammad BilalHi there,I dont think you remember me but I am Rukhsars Brother and i am fimiliar with your name and are you talking about Mohammadi teacher who graduated from PUS and was teaching Islamic studies in to non pakistanis .Regards,Bilal

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