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Muhammad BilalHello Abeda,i am sorr i dont know you, i think you are senior to me, I think you shoul dknwo my sister rukhsar..My name is Bilal and I did my 10th in 1999 and left PUS, can you please tell me how to join this msn community.. i mean i have an msn id but there are no options to enter some community.. or possible can you please add me to it.. my id is muhammad_bilal19821982@hotmail.com and you can get in touch by emailing me to the below addres.muhammad_bilal@dell.comBilal.

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Abeda SultanaOk.... I can't handle this anymore.... there is too much of excitement going on in the MSN Community of Pakistan Urdu School/College Bahrain and except for Sadiya no one has joined...... join the community and see Haris Nasir, Farooq, Rehan and Kamran's new look.....You wont believe your eyes how good these guys look now....Don't miss the fun there.Ambreen Shams has also posted her kids pictures.....So come on and see us all.Allah Hafes

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Sadiya SajjadGod Abeda, ur msg just cracked me up!!!!! i mean talk about advertising.... most of the ppl i have sent out the link to, they just get online the community and check out pics.... u gotta come up with something more alluring to get them to jointake it easysadiya :D

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Abeda SultanaHey Sadiya,There was nothing funny about my message. My only attempt here was to get everyone together at one website where they could share their memories not as in words but as in pictures, eventful dates, birthdays and all......that................that could bring friends together even at a distance.But seems like you are here only to make fun of people and not really get back with your friends.Next time when you find something funny keep it to yourself.........cause you are at great distance from the people ..........in question......when you make fun of them .......you will only be hurting them in return with your remarks. In my case you just made me very angry..... and ruined my spirits in having juniors join in the close community that we were tring to make with all the pakistan urdu school people.Abeda

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Sadiya Sajjadhey abeda,i wasn't making fun of anyone at all..... all i was doing was pointing out somethign that has bothered me as wellalright!!!! I DO APOLOGIZE IF I HAVE OFFENDED U OR ANYONE ELSE !!!!

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Sadiya SajjadAbeda,aoa..... first of all the msg wasn't meant to attack anyone at all least of all not u!!!! and as such it should not have been taken as a personal attack. Second of all...me mentioning the advertising was just to keep the mood light coz GOD only knows how many of my classmates i have sent this out to!!!!Have a great day, lifesadiya

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Abeda SultanaSorry Sadiya,I misunderstood you. If I had thought that the message was offensive I should have personally written to you. I will try to keep my mind open and not jump to conclusions. I didn't understand that you were tring to help out.Anyways could we get back to normal and put everything behind???I am sorry too.

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Sadiya SajjadDon't worry about it.... Abeda we all are at different points of our lives and some of us are very far away from the place we call home... so any ppl we see from that place or the school we spent our days in is good news for us...at least is for me...Internet is all good but it just sort of beats u at the interpretation point...what one writes lightly can be considered offensive by another....just have to keep an open mind and heart. Next time if u don't understand anything just ask....and i will tell u whether i was being sarcastic or was just kidding.... btw u have done an applausable job of bringing so many ppl together :)keep it up , and hope more ppl who were a part of our lives once again can share the important stuff with us

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