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Kapil SharmaHello Everybody,I was 8 yrs old (Year 1981) when my dad got his posting for Indo Bhutan central school (Tsimalakha). I was in 3rd Class with my sister at that time. We took a train from New Delhi railway station and all our close relatives came to the station to say Goodbye.I slept all the way in the bus from New Jalpai Gudi till Tsimalakha. I still remember my first ever view of Bhutan or you can say Tsimalakha. It was around 6 pm in the evening and it was Pitch Dark. It was pretty cold when I stepped out of the Bus. I could still feel the chill in my bones till now. I saw the dark mountain ranges in front of me (across the valley).We spent our first night at the Tsimalakha Guest House. I got up around 7 in the morning and saw the first ever beautiful view of my life..Lush Green Forest Valley in front of my window....Since that day I fell in love with that place and the people at that place. Spent 8 years of my childhood in those valleys, mountains and ofcourse my school.. Indo Bhutan Central School...Came back to Delhi when I was in 10th class. Since that day I have been living in Delhi.Had another chance of visiting Tsimalakha when I went to darjeeling to visit one of my friends....that was in 1997.......I wish I could be there once again!!!!

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