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Juanne FloresMy years at school i would truly treasure forever, the friends i made, the trouble we caused, the things we did. Since my first day i knew that this was the beginning of five years of never ending memories. My first day started with me being very shy at that time claming a seat at the back little to my knowledge so did five boys, well u could imagine my surprise when we came in and loh and behold there i was seated between five boys yes shy me, it did not take long for me to make friends with them friends i would alwayshave, yes my friend Yohance greeted me with a smile like he does everyone, i instantly felt at home (how i miss his smile). Of course i was not there alone the whole term my teacher brought my crazy friend Robin to sit next to me thus began a friendship that would last forever, the thing we did, we sold plum in our first year and i got caught bagging them yes me and carzy Robin, we would be inseparable for the next 5 years, causing trouble where ever we went, and how can i forget candy she is my yang, me being ying, yes the other side of me crazy friends i have gained along the way tests we cheated, classed we ditched, teachers we made fun of... i can go on we were young, full of dreams, we could do no wrong, and yet we did a lot, if i should name them all the list would be too long. We shared dreams and tears along the way of course but we also shared laughter and friendship, togetherness and made bonds that would last a lifetime. My days at school had to come to an end of course but to this day, i would never forget even the craziest or insignificant of moments. I guess we all never will forget, to my class of 2001 i love u guys and gals. Hey thanx Tatika and u guys. I loveu all, and just remember if the world gets u down just remember u'r carzy times in school and have a laugh. Love and miss the times we spent together. Juanne

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