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Tata VasquezThis goes to all the TAs when Sir Andy Ralota was still working at Asian College! Where art thou???

about 3 hours agoReport

James CañizaresAcctually I was right there, well at least I think I was...ehehehehehe!

about 2 hours agoReport

Tata VasquezWhere are you connected now James? I have heard you have a nice, well-payed job there at--asa gani to? Give us updates, oy! :-)

about 2 hours agoReport

James CañizaresI'M now currently at ABE Interational college of Business and Economics. "For Now" ehehehe pero delicado kay ga sige man sila ug tantang og employees....na lugi na siguro ang AMA , ehehehe.

about 6 minutes agoReport

Leo Ataphi mam tatz,...hi james...!

about an hour agoReport

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