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Nicole JanesHey everyone! I wanted to post about a recent development at FSHS of which I thought all alumni should be aware...especially those that graduated after the early 80s. The faculty this year decided to do away with the tradition of pointing at the flag at the end of the alma mater - for no apparent reason other than that they think it could somehow be construed as "disrespectful" - never mind that it has been a tradition of the school for over 20 years. I think it's absurd that the faculty thinks they can just with one blow get rid of an important tradition at the school; in addition, it raises some serious First Amendment issues (but that's the lawyer in me talking). I really think the alumni should do something about this - perhaps send a petition or letter signed by as many alums as we can to the school or something. It just seems ridiculous that they can cut off a tradition with no rationale - traditions take time to develop and you can't just turn one off once it's in place! If anyone else has thoughts on this, I'm interested to hear them...thanks!

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