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Mary SpanabelweberReview of FSH:\r
In 2003, I went to our 35th class reunion. I saw many friends too numerous to recall. Because the cliques and the dynamics with my classmates had not changed since the high school years, I doubt I would go to another reunion. Sad but true.\r
I have kept up with friends I knew in high school through the technology of Facebook.\r
One of my teachers gloated about the marvels she had seen in Europe. She remarked that the class members would never get to see any of the wonders, because they were too poor to travel, and too uneducated to appreciate the sights. Her elitism left a sour taste in my mouth. Many of my teachers made it clear that they had custody to an inferior class of students from West Virginia. Our family was neither poor nor uneducated.\r
In my junior year, I was inducted into the Keyettes, a service club for girls and an offshoot of the Key Club, for boys, sponsored by the Kiwanis. I had major qualms about joining the club, which my sister did not get selected. I sat through a meeting in which candidates were selected. It was an eye-opener to see what unkind, catty remarks my colleagues had to say. The following day many girls cried because they were not selected. Many friends treated me differently because I was one of the chosen. I got a phone call from the president of the club because I missed too many meetings. My morale in the club had reached an all-time low. The president said not to worry about fitting into the group, “because you do.” I never fit into the group. I was too chicken to quit, so my next two years were miserable\r

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