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Chad Crescenzimy new favorite band, "Turbonegro" rocks!Wow, this alumni registaration process sucked.Not to many people... but i'll post something regardless.to all peeps who knew me, i'm still pretty much the same... i hope its a good thing..i've been living in southern california for the last ten years. i'm still smoking the green stuff and hope everyone else is enjoying a little tok now and then. my hobbies include sunbathing and underwater basket weaving....just kidding, i am an avid skateboarding enthusiast, whom enjoys a nice street or pool session. During my time here in san diego, i've been playin hard and dont intend to stop.One day i'm going to return to wv and build a home and an indoor skating multi-plex on my property deep in the woods. i'll most likey be thrashing until i cant physically do it any longer.i'm single... still looking. maybe i'll find me a good lil woman one day but for now i'm a solitary man.I'll be surprised to here from anyone new. so, if ya wanna respond or contact me, feel free.What else can i say about myself...i should have done better in school. ummm, maybe someone could create and maintain a website specifically for our high school... wait that may be to much work.i'd like to read about other peoples lives i guess...it could be interesting. hope eveyone is happy and well... sorry i missed the class reunion, i wanted to be there to see everyone and tie one on, but i missed out. im shooting for the twenty year reunion.

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