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Heidi ValidWhen I signed up for this thing and saw some familiar names and faces, I got so excited! I could finally catch up with some old friends and what they got going on with their lives. So, these are the familiar names I saw: Amparo Amparo, Julieflor Marco, Alison Amparo, Lawrence Pacleb, Mark Anthony Rellama, Elvin Moldez, Rose Arato and Joan Michelle Santiago. Eventhough we were not close friends before, we could still share what happened in SMS. Few names but each one comes with a memory. Let's share those happy-funny-embarrassing moments; childhood crushes/boyfriend; beef and fights with people. If your name is mentioned or just wanna talk and get to know me, e-mail me or IM me:, AIM: MzZzHeiDi, Yahoo ID: deeva_083 ...So, to end this post, E-MAIL ME!!!!

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