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Saint Paul College Of Manila Class Of '75 WebkeeperFrom: Wynna Medina SPCM HS’68 / College ‘72Subject: SPCM Alumnae Glee ClubTo all fellow Paulinians,Sr. Anunciata is now head of the SPCM music program again. She's also part of the group that's planning for the centennial celebrations of the congregation in the Philippines. The first group of nuns arrived in the Philippines in October 1904. There are a lot of programs lined up starting in October 2003 but she was thinking of putting up a glee club concert in October 2004 featuring old favorites like The Happy Wanderer (more commonly known as Valderi ...)She wants to know how many of us are interested in joining this glee club. It will consist of any SPCM alumna -- it does not matter if you've never been with the glee club - and faculty members. Why so early? Because she has to retrain us again. No more auditions, just a willingness to come for practice.How often will the practice be? Initially, she was thinking of once every 2 weeks -- I don't know what time, and for how long. These details can be worked out once a group is organized. She'll call for a meeting when she knows who are really interested. But definitely to be organized by September 2003 at the latest.The 2004 concert is not a one-time affair. If possible, Sr. wants this glee club to be a continuing organization.Please email me at, or contact Sr. Anunciata directly ( Let me know no later than July 30 this year.Thanks!Wynna MedinaSPCM HS’68 Chair----------------For more SPCM alumnae updates, go to SPCM HS75's .

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