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Saint Paul College Of Manila Class Of '75 WebkeeperPAULINIAN ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OF MANILA, INC.St. Paul College of Manila680 Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila 1070Tel/Fax: 523-4259 Trunkline 524-5687 loc. 229spcmalumnae@yahoo.comMay 15, 2003Dear Fellow Paulinians,On January 25, 2004, we will hold our traditional annual General Alumnae Homecoming at the St. Paul College of Manila campus. The celebration will be special and doubly significant because aside from January 25 being the feastday of St. Paul, 2004 marks the 100th year of the St. Paul de Chartres Congregation in the Philippines.The silver jubilarian class hosting the homecoming is High School Class of 1979. Celebrating with them are the other jubilarian classes of both college and high school levels, as follows: 1934, 1939 and 1944 (diamond), 1949 (emerald), 1954 (golden), 1959 (sapphire), 1964 (ruby), 1969 (coral) and 1974 (pearl). Together with the alumnae association, they have been meeting regularly to plan and map out the details of the preparations that will ensure the success of our homecoming.The homecoming show as conceptualized has the theme “Living the Paulinian 5C’s” (core values: charity, commission, community, charism, cross-glory). The show will highlight the history of the St. Paul de Chartres Congregation in the Philippines and of St. Paul College of Manila, interspersed with significant events in Philippine and world history with particular emphasis on development of the arts during those times and depicted in song and dance by the jubilarian classes. The show hopes to bring back the days when St. Paul College of Manila was known as the “Broadway of Herran.” Other highlights will include the recognition of: (1) St. Paul nuns celebrating their jubilee year, (2) the Paulinian 5C awardees and (3) loyal SPCM staff members who have and continue to serve the Paulinian community.In tandem with the preparations for the homecoming program is a fund-raising project dubbed the “St. Paul Centennial Raffle” which a

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