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Saint Paul College Of Manila Class Of '75 WebkeeperSource: Philippine News (USA), March 26 - April 1, 2003 -- see local Oriental businesses for hardcopy.(http://www.philippinenews.com/issues/mar03/mar26-apr1/headlines4.asp )Alumnae foundation to help retired nuns, poor approvedBy Romina D. SahaTHE Paulinian Global Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization aiming tohelp retired nuns and poor women and children in the Philippines, wasapproved in the US recently.The foundation, based in Maryland, has been approved as a tax-exemptorganization under US law. Funds raised from St. Paul College alumnae andother supporters will be used to construct a new “vigil house,” a home forretired and ailing St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) nuns.In November, Sisters Mary George Siriban and Nieves Cueto, SPC nuns,traveled coast-to-coast to rally support for this foundation and lay thegroundwork for its legalization. They met with St. Paul College alumnae inNew York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and SanFrancisco.The foundation’s other major projects are to provide training and livelihoodprojects for battered women and children and to provide medical care for thepoor and the elderly in the Philippines.In a letter to St. Paul College alumnae last month, Sister Mary MagdalenTorres, SPC Provincial Superior, said the new vigil house will beginconstruction soon and will be completed within a year.The current vigil house in Quezon City, a facility built for only 40residents, currently houses 70 elderly and ailing nuns, 30 of them bedriddenor wheelchair-bound. The new vigil house, to be built in Pasig City, willhave four stories equipped with medical and geriatric facilities, includingan intensive care unit, a chapel, and elevators. It will also have room tohouse younger nuns assigned to take care of the retired nuns.“Nuns really have no retirement age,” Siriban told the Philippine Newsrecently. “They continue to work as long as th

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