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Topic:Do SPC nuns go straight to heaven? (INQ7, 2/20/03)
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Saint Paul College Of Manila Class Of '75 WebkeeperDo nuns go straight to heaven?By Romina Saha SPCM HS'77Posted in : Feb. 20, 2003 -- you ever attended a Catholic school run by nuns, you may have mixed memories of how these women affected you: Were you awed by their piety, thinking they had a direct line to God? Were you comforted by their compassion and readiness to listen, thinking they were lucky to have no problems of their own? Were you moved by their selflessness and heroism, thinking they had dedicated their lives to serving God and other people? Were you terrified by their discipline, thinking they made up rules impossible for ordinary humans to follow? In fact, did you think of them as extraordinary, people who are not like the rest of us, in a category of holy and therefore superhuman?Where do nuns go when they are old and gray? Do you think they lie peacefully in a serene setting, perhaps a lovely cottage surrounded by a garden that is spring-like all year round, until an angel comes for them to take them straight to heaven? If you think that, you have been reading too many fairy tales.We may have a romanticized image of these ladies in gray, white, or black robes, their hair veiled at all times. We may imagine them to be saint-like, as many of them do exude such aura, and therefore immune to the harsh realities of life. But the truth is that they are all normal people just like the rest of us: They grow old, they get sick, and they suffer, before they die.In reality, the nuns of our childhood memories are regular people, just like us. Before they go to heaven, their bones grow brittle, their joints start to ache, their hair turns gray, and their memories become less sharp. But where do they spend their last few years? They do not have spouses or children to take care of them in their own homes. When they entered the convent in their youth, they pledged themselves into the service of Jesus Christ, marrying into

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