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Sr. Josefina Carrasco, FmaDate: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 04:47:49 +0800From: "Vicente R. Romano III" Subject: Fw: Let's ask Davide to run for President - He may be our only hope!My fellow e-Mandirigmas,I look at the present crop of presidential aspirants and I cannot help but feel desperate and hopeless... for it will only lead to more of the same brand of politics that has pulled down our nation. It breeds a system of patronage, political horse-trading, cronyism, and unprincipled compromises for political gain.I sincerely believe it is time to put a stop to this. Tama na!. Sobra na!We need someone with unimpeachable integrity, proven competence and probity, and independence from vested interests. We need someone who will not compromise principles and morality for political expediency. We need someone who will not only uphold the rule of law, but also restore in the hearts of our people the fear of the law.The recent political events have clearly shown us that one man epitomizes such qualities -Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr.But first, we must convince him to take the challenge and respond to a higher calling.We need 1 Million signatures before Christmas to petition Chief Justice Davide to run for the presidency.If you share our belief, join us in making this happen. How can you help?Visit our website http://www.davide4president.com (NOTE: it may take a while to load because of the graphics and anticipated website traffic. Please be patient) and do any or all of the following:1. Sign up in the electronic petition.2. Download the signature forms and start your own signature gathering center at work, school, or any other location.3. Register your group (civic, social or church organization) as a petitioner. By doing so, all members of your group are counted as petitioners.4. Start a text campaign. Instructions are published at the website.5. Refer the website to your friends. There's a facility at the website to

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