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Ritchie SuicoThere comes a time when all of us reaches that age where you want to settle down. That's whathappened to me. I have a stable job, nice car, good friends... That one person in life I have been searching for came to me Jan. 21st, 2006. He became my husabd. What a wonderful man and how lucky I am to have met him. I feel so honored to be his wife.Life is so blessed, I can't even begin to tahnk everyone for all of their support and love. My teachers especially, who has built me to become a better citizen and as a person over-all.I wish all of you in Mandaue City a winderful year. High School days are only the beginning. You all have more good things to come, so make the most of it. Your day will come.I love you all and I miss everyone in MA. ;o)Ritchie

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