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Three Rivers MI Rotary Club

Jennifer Hackenberg (second from left), a Norton Elementary kindergarten teacher who has positively influenced a whole generation of students, was honored today as the Distinguished Educator of the Year for 2018! Here she is pictured with Educator of the Year committee chair Cassidy Munn along with Chris Katsaros (left) and Gary Rifenberg, whose family contributes to the award along with the Reece family. She told the club that each year she gives her students six items: a sticker (they always need to stick together), a toothpick (they need to pick up the good stuff in each other), a penny (everybody's valuable), an eraser (we all make mistakes - learn from them), a candle (celebrate the littlest things) and a cotton ball (use those warm fuzzies).

May 17, 2018 at 6:42pm Report

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