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Mat Isa AhmadMY LIFE HISTORY....At ten when I entered English education ( Siri ke 3)
It was like a dream.Like a wonderland.Out of a sudden ,I was in a totally new world,a different world .I missed my jungle life,missed all all the inhabitants I had accounted with.I missed my beloved father and mother.I missed my buffaloes.Everything.
How can I go for my living.I had to adapt and adopt the new cultures of life.I was dumbed; I cannot speak English and so I couldn't speak in my mother-tongue language.Forbiden.
Understand or not I had to obey to the regulations.Followed what the seniors were doing.Whenever the train passed-by,I could hear the siren.This really thrilled me.......Jumbo in the jungle sounds alike.I smiled like mad man.
As time went on,I was already on par with them.I could already eat using fork and spoon.I could utter a few English words.I could eat half-boiled eggs during breakfast , like ghosts .Friends began to be around me.During free times I taught them how to catch biawak pasir.Catch birds and played in the forest around the school.........so the happy days were approaching
Picture: this is the 'city' where I lived

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