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Mat Isa AhmadAT TEN MY LIFE HISTORY....selected to Ibrahim school
After graduating from the university of the jungle
At nine I was already graduated from the jungle university.I didn't know how well was the achievement I got.But beleive me I got flat A's.My gurubesar summoned my parents to take me for a special examination for selection by the Kedah State Education Board.To cut short,I passed the examination and the special interview by education officers.I was still as 'kunta-kinte',and didn't know what was blowing around.
Then came a day , I was to be sent to Ibrahim School at Sungai Petani.......I knew nothing about either Ibrahim School or Sungai Petani.I was told that I go to British School.I knew not a word of English then.I was given a place at the hostel and eligible as a free scholar with a Federal Minor Scholarship......I didn't know to adjust myself at first......noticing everybody talking English and at the dining hall ,everybody eating using forks and spoons.My friends comprised of chinese,indians and there were sikhs too.
Thus at ten I was brought up in new world......which I regarded as a fantasy came to life..........a totally different way of livelihood
picture: bye-bye to rural life

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