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Qasim HumayunHi. My name is Qasim Humayun. I was at Surra up until summer of 1990. Anyone remember? I was in the classes of Mrs. Helen and Mr. Evans. My sort of nickname was Quasimodo. If this rings a bell and you knew me or I knew you let me know. Cheers.

about 6 days agoReport

Amanda HoltHi Qasim,I miss all my friends from TES but I know that my sister was in Mr Evans class. I will ask if she remembers you. Hope all is well with you now.Mandy

about 18 hours agoReport

Qasim HumayunCheers Mandy. Sorry but your name does not ring a bell. Probably my crap memory. Have you managed to find anyone else from sura? If not good luck.Take it easy.Qasim

about 15 hours agoReport

Philip BennettHi qasim, I'm not sure if anyone still logs into this but had a weird dream about Kuwait and I think I was I your class. It was Helen moulder who taught us and then mr Evans the year after from what I remember. I also think I was in your sisters class, Amanda, if her name was Michelle?

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