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Lisa PearceHey Lon,It's Lisa Wendle, remember me! How are you doing? How are the kids? Are you married? How is your sister? I hope that you all are well. Do you still keep up with anyone? I haven't talked to anyone in the last 5 or 6 years. Please let me know how things are, I want to keep in touch. Have your sister contact me.Lisa

about 4 days agoReport

Orlando LopezLived on Oki from 91-94. Went to Kadena High. Check Lots of old and new pics on site.

about 13 hours agoReport

Regina PeguesHi Orlando,This is Regina Pegues, I don't if you remember me. I hung out with everyone. My older brother was Jermaine (aka Peanut). Haven't been able to keep in touch with anyone, just the Boyds, Jen Puskarage and a few others. Well hope your doing alright.Regina

about 2 days agoReport

Orlando LopezHi,I remember you shorty! How your bro? He had a daughter with Lorena right? Did you visit the site?OneLon

about 19 hours agoReport

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