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Sangeeta SrikanthHello teachers,I am an ex-SIESite. I did my bachelors from 1989- 1992. My major was Chemistry. We had professors like Mr. Padmanabhan, Ms.Leena Rao, Mr. Shabbir, Mr. Iyer(I think- he taught us Drugs and Dyes), Ms. Jayanthi, Mr. ShekarMy friends always compliment me on being soooo Organised and "on top of things". This, I think reflects on my teachers training(of course my parents too, but I ignored that) I could not ignore my teachers. Professor Padmanabhan, Professor Leena Rao, Jayanthi Ma'am and all my teachers, if you read this, there is this student of yours, far away, who wishes to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching my values which hold good even today.When my friends tell me that they can rely on me, I realise that your training and my parents( should not miss them!) training has helped me get this reputation.Dear teachers, I am passing on your legacy to my daughter who I hope will some day realise that dedication and being methodical takes us a long way in life.THANK YOU!( Enough of the mushy stuff for now!)

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