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Sangeeta SrikanthHi,An incident happened in my second year of college. We were Chem/Phy students. It was the final dog days of college and we were wrapping up our practicals. I was getting my work cleared by my professor when he asked me to turn on the light switch(It was cloudy outside)(Mind you, it was supposed to be a sunny day, in March)He specifically asked me not to touch the switch to it's right. I am usually an obedient person, but that day God knows what made me be otherwise(Right!! Blame it on God!!)YuP! I turned the wrong switch on and well, after that what happened was something I will never forget! SOme sort of bells went off and everyone just stopped in their tracks and were wondering what happened. To top it, my friends were shouting at me to do something(Right now you tell me!)That day, I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. The next day I had my Chemistry practicals. More than preparing for the practicals, I prepared myself to do WHAT WAS TOLD TO DO.I cannot forget this incident and even today my husband and daughter get a kick out of this.I guess things like happen so that when you look back at it, you can laugh and joke about it.

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