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Vaidhyanathan NatarajanI had full 11 years of schooling with SIES. To day the school is 70 years old. I will give below those memories I can recall.-----Std I------During those days it was the practice to start education on a Vijaydasami day with what you call Vidyarambam. I also joined the school on a Vijayadasami day in the year 1948. As that will not be a full year it is very rare that one is promoted to higher standard. I was also a victim of this and I continued to be in Std I for one more year ie 1949-1950. I was in section A. and the location was ground floor, right wing, turning to the left the last room. My teacher was Mr Rao. I don't know his full name. To us he was Rao Sir. He was staying in the BIT Cottage.Being a devotee of Shiridi Saibaba he was conducting regular bhajans every thursday in his house. As I was staying very close to his house I had attended those bhajans and received the prasadam. Normally in the primary classes,class teacher would handle most of the subjects, except for drawing. Both Tamil and Maths were taught by Mr Rao. Our drawing master was coming from Dombivili. He always give 50 marks as standard. This will be written on the left bottom of the slate duly enveloped. Yes, those days we were using only slate, either of stone or metal and kuchchi (thin chalk piece).This was available both in white and colour.My father would buy a box of 25 or 50 kuchchis as this would be cheaper compared to single piece. In the class room whenever there is a quarrel among children the target would be slate or kuchchi only.Std II -------The loaction was ground floor right wing 2nd room. The class teacher was Ms Rajam. She was staying little away from the school. She was strict. At times my mother had to come to the school and meet her either for my being mischevous or not upto the mark in my studies.Std III------The location was ground floor left wing, turn right the last room. The class teacher wasMr Rajagopalan. He taught us Tamil and Maths. Hindi langaua

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