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Chinmayi SashiAnyone remembers the Zoology Prof. with great energy, inspiration types?? Please let me know...ThanxxxChim

about 8 hours agoReport

Harish GovindSorry Chim for the delayed response...Sure I remember Albie from our days...great guy in Zoo...I am from the batch of B.Sc. (CBZ) 1984...and all of us sure do remember him...absolutely passionate about the subject and and as you rightly put - high energy...where is he now ? And do let me know something more about y'self...Rgds,HG

about 21 hours agoReport

Chinmayi SashiHi Harish,Looks like we may have met before.Do you know Srinivas Ravi, Jatinder Mohan ,Yazdi Bulsara,,,,,anyone else.OR Nitin, Rajesh,Sunil(Albie's son) .I am now in NY working as a PA in cardiac surgery... Been in US for past 17yrs. Kinda miss B'lore of the 90's.. have only nostalgic St.J's memories.Visit India in 4-5 yrs. in summer.Good to hear from u. Now your turn ..Chims

about 6 hours agoReport

Harish GovindHi Chims...good to hear from you...I certainly do remember some of the names mentioned by you...esp Yazdi (who was 1 year junior in CBZ) with whom I was in contact even after leaving SJC till a couple of years ago...Anyway lets link up and carry this forward - my email id is - drop me a mail...

about 15 hours agoReport

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