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Harish GovindHey There !We are looking out for our wonderful batchmates of B.Sc.(CBZ)1984 !We have formed a e group whose august members are yours truly,Appy (Prez),Sheella (Peres D'Silva),Gordon(can any one forget him ?),Daryl (oh my!),Maria (as in Abraham),Lincoln D'Costa (as in Kenya),Sivabalan.We recently found Nikhilesh as well hiding in Hosur...looking to get others to join in as well and link up...where the hell (oops...Father forgive me) are you guys...MXI Roy,Shobi,Sardar Gill,Kaddi Uthaiah,Soppu Ravi Shankar,Vijay Kr.Amin,Usha D,Premila,Aisha K,Muniammal,Jayshree,Ranjan,Shanta,Gigi S.J.(as in Susan John),Susan George,Badri,Nandakumar,Kenneth,Angelo(Jojo),CS Dilip,Ajit,Stephen,Ranga,Augustine, et al...Hey its a great group with great guys...nostalgia time!!!Reminiscences of glory days !Do write in to: harishg@bsil.comHoping for a response...real soon...Rgds,Harish Govind

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