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Rk JeyabalanDear Friends,Recently, we have seen a growing number of our people situated in Singapore. We are going to open a Yahoo group with a new name called "MVJCE-ians-in-Singapore".The details will be made known soon.An unique idea developed by Mr.Gopi(1985).

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R Arun Gamalielhi jayabalan,i am arun, 90 batch, i know gopi. singapore ponalum singam mathiri ethavathu pannuvarunnu theriyum.good idea.let all MVJCEians keep in touch.arun.+91 98841 94932

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Rajasekar GopalakrishnanDear friends,I am Rajasekar Gopalakrishnan, 87 batch living in usa .Can any one send mr.Gopi's(1985) e-mail id.

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Sekar GopikrishnaDear rajsekar,Well and wishing you. My Email Id is gopikrishnansekar@yahoo.comMail me.byegopi

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Rangarajan NarasimhanI assume this is 85- Chemical Gopi. In that case i know himIam Rangarajan 91 Batch/chemical living in USA

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