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Balakrishna PrabhuYou can receive email from your parents in your mother tongueHi,Thanks for reading this email. Using istation ( For detailsplease see you can send or receive emails in Kannada,English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu to your parents.Your parents need not buy a PC but using I-Station they can sendandreceive an email just for the cost of a local telephone call. I- Station costs just around $175 or Rs 7990 including installation and serviceisfree for 1 full year and it does not require an Internet serviceprovider. All your parents need is a telephone connection and easy touse I-Station to send and receive emails to anybody in the world.Thanks again for reading.. I am doing my own small bit to help a start companyInablers cofounded by my brother and fellow BDTian(NarasimhaPrabhu)to find its feet. You can get more information at will appreciate if you could inform your friends about I-station. If you need more information please contact With best regardsBalakrishna Prabhu

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