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Henry FisherDay student first few months, then boarded for the rest of the year.
I still have pictures of myself holding the leading banner in the Deland parade back in 1970

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Robert Howardhenry, happy to see ur name on fms, there seems to be few of these cadets. I live in jax. fla. where we have eat-meeting about month or so, rex riley is the pres. of association now 69-71 I think lives in jax. there will be a reunion this in Daytona. for more info search florida military school /find ur name or look for news concerning the school, col. ward passed away 2014- we have an annual meeting at steve nash air-hanger in deland,so if, your local u-can find him. find Robert mouro 6-year guy and update info /lives in jax. keep in touch bob howard fms 66 /// share ur story we would enjoy hereing how tuff it really was? ha ha

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