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Sereen FuleihanI have seen that Louisa Vouteri is a member of Alumni / Falcon School. I am deeply saddened to announce that Louisa was tragically killed on the 14.08.05 in the Helios Plane Crash in Greece. To my dear friend Louisa you never leave my thoughts and above all I regret having lost touch with you and never letting you know how much our friendship meant to me. I have so many wonderful memories from our childhood. May your soul rest in peace and know that I think of you constantly and love you dearly.

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Marie PeneHey! How u are? Thought I'd deop in and see who's posted stuff and there you are! Just in case you don't remember, my last name was Wheeler and I was a geek! email me at marie_pene@westpac.co.nz or killashahdrah@gmail.com!

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Rita SabatHey Sereen,Do you remember me Rita? I know it's been years and years and I just found out that my old old friend Louisa is gone and like most of us dispersed mates I am deeply saddened and shocked by this news. I know that you are not the only one who regrets not keeping in touch with childhood friends.

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Sereen FuleihanDear Rita,Hi ! You will have to jog my memory as I am trying to picture you in my mind. Louisa's death was really terrible and I do regret not having kept in touch. Sometimes we are so involved in our daily lives that we never stop and take the time to keep in touch. I am in touch with Louisa's mother and it really is sad as she was in a really good place in her life and had so much to look forward to when this tragedy happened.

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Rita SabatWell let's see. I believe you were a year younger than Louisa and I. My full name is Rita Sabat and I started Falcon probably a year or earlier than Louisa, we were both around the same height and were the tallest girls in the class. I was friends with different people, Ann Durzi and Vipar were two close friends of mine at one point. Anna Stephanou and her sister too. I used to love sports. What else? I was a pretty good swimmer, and I left after Secondary 1 in 1986. My fondest memory of Louisa was her love for everything that had to do wit Michael Jackson. The last time I saw her was a couple of years after I had left Cyprus. I was on vaca and Carole Platboard took me to a bar in town where I bumped into Louisa we had a pretty good talk. I had asked her about our childhood friend Harry(I loved him to death, bestfriend) but I heard that he got kicked out of Falcon and then had just disappeared Louisa was afraid that he had gotten himself into trouble. Anyways I hope that helps. Brown hair, round face, Lebanese, fit in everywhere and nowhere... PLease do keep in touch, you can email me at ritasabat@hotmail.com and we can chat some more. Oh and the next time you talk to Louisa's mom tell her that I am deeply sorry for her loss, but to remember that Louisa still lives on in the memories that she has left behind. I am quite sure she is at peace and in a better place now.

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