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Alumni.NET groups all have geographic locations. Please select the location of your school, company, or group.:
We're currently still fixing the Russia listing, and don't know where these organizations should be located. If you know which town and district some of the schools below are located, please email with 'Russia Listing' as your email subject. Thank you!

Academy of Computer Management and Social Welfare Society
Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship
Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation
Association of Young Doctors and Health Administrators
Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy
Bashkir State Medical University
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Belarussian Polytechnical Institute
Dagestan State Medical Academy
Don State Technical University
Far Eastern State University
Georgian Technical University
Gubkin Academy (Institute) of Oil and Gas
Hertzen Pedagogical University
International Management Institute of Saint Petersburg
Irkutsk State Medical University
Irkutsk State University
IRTC Eye Microsurgery Complex
Kalinin State Politechnical Institute
Kaliningrad International Business Institute
Kazan State University
Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology
Khabarovsk State Pedagogical University
Khabarovsk State Technical University
Kharkov State Polytechnic University
Kiev International University of Civil Aviation
Kuban Medical Academy
Kursk State Medical University
Leningrad Medical University
Medical Academy for Post Graduate Studies
Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology
Moscow Architectural Institute
Moscow Auto Mechanical Institute
Moscow Aviation Institute
Moscow Avtomobil'no-Dorozhnyi Institute (Moscow Road and Vehicle Institute)
Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute
Moscow Institute of Applied Biotechnology
Moscow Institute of Architecture
Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Moscow Linguistic University
Moscow Lomonosov Institute of the Fine Chemical Technology
Moscow Medical Academy
Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute
Moscow Polygraphic Institute
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Moscow State Academy of Law
Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University)
Moscow State Mining University
Moscow State Technological Institute
Moscow State University
Moscow State University of Commerce
Moscow State University of Culture
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics
Moscow State University of Railway Transport
Moscow Technological Institute
Moskovski Gosudarstvinyie Gorni Universityet
Murmansk State Technical University
National Medical University of Russia (Moscow)
Network of Young Doctors and Health Administrators
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy
Novosibirsk State Medical Academy
Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (Ex-Institute)
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Novosibirsk State University
Odessa-Pirogov Medical Institute
Patrice Lumumba Peoples Friendship University
Pavlov State Medical University
People Friendship University (Patrice Lumumba University)
Perm State University
Rostov on Don Friendship of Nations Medical University
Rostov State University
Russian Academy of Music (Gnesin) - Moscow
Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Peoples Friendship University
Russian State University For Humanities
Ryazan State Radio Technical Academy
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University
Saint Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics
Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University
Saint Petersburg Polygraphic Institute
Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy
Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy
Saint Petersburg State University
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Saint Petersburg State University of Means of Communications
Saint Petersburg Technical University
Saint Petersburg University
Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance
Samara State Aerospace University
Saratov State Medical University
Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Second Moscow State Institute of Medicine
St. Petersburg Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy
St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Academy (FRMR LPMI)
St. Petersburg State Medical Academy
St. Petersburg State Technical University
St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
State Engineering College of Armenia
State Technological University (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys)
Stavropole State Medical Institute
The Kakakh Polytechnical Institute
The State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg
Tomsk Pedagogical University
Tomsk Polytechnic University
Tomsk State University
Tula State University
Tyumen International Institute of Economics and Law
Tyumen State Medical Academy
Tyumen State University
Ulyanovsk Teachers Training University
Ural State Pedagogical University
Ural State Technical University
Vladimir State Technical University
Volgograd State Medical University
Volgograd State Polytechnical University
Voronezh State Pedagigical University
Voronezh State Politechnical University
Voronezh State University
Yaroslav The Wise Novgorod State University
Yaroslavl State University
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk State Pedagogical Institute

High School

110 High School (Oktyabrsky Rayon)
130 High School
160 High School
165 (Physics and Math) High School
173 High School
1st Specialized English School (Sokol'niki)
21 High School of Tyumen
239 School Saint Petersburg
328 St. Petersburg
42 Moscow High School
875 High School of Moscow
Anglo American School
Anglo-American School of Moscow
British International School
English Specialized School #525 (St.Petersburg)
Exchange Student (Wagoner)
Gimnasia No.115
High School 50
High School 57
Kendriya Vidyalaya Moscow
Khabarovsk Shkola 19
Khabarovsk School 37
Krasnoyarsk School N1
Moscow 57th
Moscow High School
Moscow High School #35
Moscow High School #49
Moscow High School #67
Moscow Middle School #282
Moscow School #559
Moscow School #929
Moscow School 710
Moscow School 734
Moscow School 87
Moscow Specialized School #18
Moscow Specialized School #47
Moscow Specialized School 15
Murmansk School No.19
Nalchik High School
Novosibirsk Physics-Mathematics School
Novosibirsk Specialized Physics and Mathematics School 165
Odessa School 71
Physics and Math Boarding School 45
Physics and Math School 165
Physics and Math School 179
Physics and Mathematics School 18
Reviewer's Training High School (Katyusha)
Saint Petersburg Gymnasium #30
Saint Petersburg High School
Saint Petersburg State Government Madical Academy
Schoo No. 19
School # 192
School # 91 - Ufa
School 1567 Moscow
School 175 Moscow
School 22
School 231
School 239
School 868
School 9 (Akademgorodok)
School No.30 Nalchik
Scientific Study Center of Novosibirsk State University
Secondary School # 3with Advanced English, Nalchik
Secondary School Number 1
Severomorsk No.1
Shkola 64
Specialized English School 169
St. Petersburg Economic Gymnasium
Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering
Tomsk School N13
Tyumen School #21
Volgograd State Medical Academy
Voronezh State Medical Academy
Wise College

Primary School

Elementary/Middle School


Computer Technologies Institute
Ekaterinburg Academic Drama Theatre
Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Far Eastern Division of Russian Academy of Sciences
Sakhalin Energy
Spooner Medical
State Enterprise Tercom and Lanit - Tercom Inc.
Stolichnaya Evening Newspaper
Turbine Blades Plant


Altai Regional Clinical Hospital

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