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Merck and Uganda Ministry of Health joins hands to Fight Diabetes and Cancer as part of their Merck
life science and performance materials, in partnership with Uganda Ministry of Health, Makerere University and Uganda Cancer Institute kicked off today their first combined diabetes and cancer campaign in Tororo , Uganda as part of Merck Cancer Control ...

Oasis’ Street Soccer: When shots are for goals, for life
“There is intensive physical development, awareness and life skills, we ask them what they are going ... Their preventive programmes throughout the year target Grade 4 – 7 learners, while the 20/20 programme targets potential players aged 16 ...

Powerwall battery jump-starts revolution
Mail & Guardian Online
Nevertheless the Powerwall appears to be doing for batteries what Tesla did for electric cars – taking an old idea and injecting new life into it ... giant Amazon and the United States retailer Target are on board. Amazon is rolling out a 48 megawatt ...

Great Minds That Don't Think Alike
Teachers College has hired 50 new tenure-track professors since 2007 ... “As donors and businesses target Africa and Latin America, and student performance assessments expand to developing countries, many of us are focusing on how ideas and reforms ...

Orson Welles Is Still Bigger
Modern Times Magazine
Satire, yes, but the real-life Welles didn’t seem to do anything small ... a huckster for Gallo Wine and appearing on Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts as the target of jibes about his enormous girth, Welles’ early career was packed with milestones.

Oxford launches world’s largest university venturing fund
With a fundraising target of £300m ($474m) - £210m of which is already secured – the size of OSI is bound to change the course of debate over university venturing as ... view on its investments over a 15 year life cycle, necessary for the development ...

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