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COLUMN-Has China learned how to build the perfect U.S. spy?
It typically begins when foreign agents play on a target's existing weakness - a penchant for gambling ... An agent prepared by Deep Panda's database would be like a college student taking a final - after they've seen all the answers.

Police chief quits after being transferred to Garissa
But in a letter to head of the CID Ndegwa Muhoro, Mwaniki said that he felt his life would have ... the Garissa University College where 148 people were killed. He felt that being at such a terror hotspot, he would have been a target for terrorists and ...

Becoming An Adult For Dummies: 5 Basic Things Every College Student Should Know
They say college is the midpoint between the real world and still ... so be careful! Store credit cards, like Target and JCPenney, are not going to tack on interest when you only pay the minimum, so you can do it on these, but just be cautious.

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