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Vhembe students too strong for Dolphins
Fans saw a feast of goals when Vhembe FET College beat The Dolphins FC 5-3 in their MMK Funeral ... Their captain, Marc Mabasa, was on target after a neat pass from Talifhani Matange. It took the Dolphins six minutes to retaliate. Mullet Nevhulorwa forced ...

Professor warns on drones, robots
Strydom said the advancement of technology and its use to assist human life was welcome but human involvement should ... compared to a LAR which akin to a computer deciding on which target posed a danger and whether to eliminate such a danger.

The diversity of diversity
Specifically, the Israeli Higher Education Council – which is responsible for funding Israeli public universities and colleges (there are only a few private colleges) – provides special funding for university programmes which target ultra-orthodox and ...

State will provide free health: Zuma
He said a target for his administration was to ensure that at least ... The site had been identified for the College of Emergency Care. It was expected to be up and running later this year, he said. There had been a transfer of hospital services from ...

Why colds can cause asthma attacks
British scientists have identified a sequence of biological events that could trigger life-threatening ... at the Imperial College London's national heart and lung institute who co-led the study. He said that by finding a drug to target the molecule ...

Astronomers Discover Complex Alien Molecules Having Features Common With Amino Acids
Astronomers from Cornell University, the Max Planck Institute for Radio astronomy ... proposes that the complex molecules might give some hints about the origin of life and about the point at which the molecules develop in the development of star and ...

Op-Ed: In defence of Africa Aerospace and Defence 2014
And it is airlift that provides life-saving humanitarian assistance to South ... But, just like Denel, the target markets are not necessarily entirely South African, if at all. Exports to fellow African countries and even overseas is the objective now.

The American Medical Association Wants Medicare to Cover End-Of-Life Consultation
but as per the American medicine they have to take the ill patient to the hospital as soon as possible where doctors try their best to save his/her life. Dr. Edward Martin, head of the palliative care medicine program at Brown University, said that if a ...

House hijackers target widows
Times Media Group
A MUNICIPAL employee has been implicated in a syndicate that fraudulently changes ownership of widowed women's property in Mamelodi, Pretoria. At least two women nearly became victims recently when unknown people visited them with what appeared to be ...

Scottish independence: The accusations fly
Its reported the principal of the internationally renowned University of St Andrews was told to tone down warnings of the adverse impact of a ‘yes’ vote. A source claims a pro-independence adviser tried to put words in her mouth. Leaked emails reveal ...

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