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Students protesting trade in services pact mull boycott
Taiwan News
... and National Cheng Kung University as well as the Departments of Sociology at NTU and National Sun Yat-sen University, the Policy Research Graduate School at Soochow University, and departments of applied science and technology at Chung-yuan, Chung ...

School offers reward to capture swan egg thief
China Post
Swan experts from National Chung Cheng University noted that black swans, which are are monogamous breeders and share incubation duties, have a habit of removing bad eggs from their nest, but if an egg dropped into the water it would float and would be ...

Annette Lu asserts sovereignty, calls for peace in Tiaoyutai
eTaiwan News
In a speech at National Chung Cheng University forum on government and academic cooperation, Lu addressed the question of "Who Owns Tiaoyutai" and presented a "Tiaoyutai peace plan" as her solution to struggles over the small group of islets. Lu noted that ...

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