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Russia, China create joint university in Shenzhen
Pakistan Defence
On Monday, representatives of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Beijing Institute of Technology and the local administration ... but they are all located in east China, where the higher education resource is too centralized. In South China, the ...

Saving Ukraine's Defense Industry
ISN ETH Zurlch
Moscow and Washington must act swiftly to prevent a breakdown ... expertise in sensitive areas that pose grave proliferation risks—nuclear and missile technology, to name just two at the top of the list. A breakdown in Russian-Ukrainian cooperation ...

MIPT-based researcher models Titan's atmosphere
A researcher from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Prof. Vladimir Krasnopolsky ... Despite the fact that Titan is located much further from the Sun than the Earth and that radiation flux coming from the Sun to the moon is 100 times lower ...

Saturn's moon Titan has thicker atmosphere than Earth's air
The Economic Times
Despite the fact that Titan is located much further from the Sun than the ... Professor Vladimir Krasnopolsky, from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), showed that the theoretical description of Titan's atmosphere matches the reality ...

Atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon
Science Daily
Despite the fact that Titan is located much further from the Sun than Earth ... from Titan's ionosphere and where they come from," Krasnopolsky said. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. "Atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon."

Experts: If Ukranian Rebels Shot Down Passenger Jet, They Likely Lacked Technology to Identify It
The Blaze
a Moscow-based newspaper known for its critical coverage of Russian affairs. “They could easily make a tragic mistake and shoot down a passenger plane when indeed they wanted to shoot down a Ukrainian transport plane,” he said. On Friday, Russia’s ...

To Cuba, with love: Russia said to be reopening Havana listening post (+video)
The Christian Science Monitor
Moscow — The Russians are coming back to Cuba. After a 13 ... say that while surveillance technology has moved on since the listening post was closed in 2001, and a lot of snooping is done via the Internet these days, location still matters.

Artem Melman Granted Tenure at Clarkson University
Melman received his bachelor of science and master of science degrees in radiation chemistry and technology from Mendeleev Chemical Technological Institute in Moscow, and his ... senior executive of a company. Located just outside the Adirondack Park ...

Goodbye, Facebook, Twitter and the Internet!
First of all, you can’t go outside like you can a top of the Empire State Building in New York ... are the first electric power plant in Moscow and the Sklifosovsky First Aid Research Institute.Both are located in the center of the city and are a ...

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