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Pain Experience Camp: Men in Jinan hospital cry during 'childbirth'
What's On Xiamen
A hospital in Jinan city, Shandong province hooked male volunteers up to a childbirth simulator during an activity on November 4 to let them experience the agony of labor pains. The aim of the "Pain Experience Camp" was to give men a taste of the pain ...

Students design and assemble a car from scratch
Liu Jin and Yu Shengkang, two students from Jinan University in East China's Shandong province, have successfully designed and assembled a two-seater car. The two students, both majoring in engineering, designed and made two vehicles. Liu Jin says he has ...

No more lugging of heavy luggage when there are express deliverymen
Wang Rui, a student of Jinan University in Guangzhou, Guangdong, used the courier not only to ship Guangdong specialty food and an electric massager that she has bought online to her family home in Anhui province, but also her winter clothes and books.

Sexologist pushes for sex education among China’s young
The Global Times
Fang Gang, a sexologist from Beijing Forestry University, gives a lecture on sex education at the Jinan Foreign Language School on January 31. Photo: Courtesy of Wen Xueqi It's not the first time Fang Gang has talked about masturbation in front of a crowd.

China Focus: China's gender imbalance concerns reborn
Eastday English
JINAN, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- China's gender imbalance issue ... Meanwhile, experts like Lu Jiehua, a sociology professor with Peking University, suggest tougher legal measures to tackle the issue. Lu said that supervision should be ramped up of medical ...

Brand-New Women Writers Association Opens Doors in Guangzhou
During the meeting, Fei Yong, a doctoral advisor of the Chinese Department of Jinan University and vice director of the Guangzhou Television Station, gave a lecture on how to free one's mind, marking the first lecture for local women launched this year by ...

Leading firms, start-ups honored in Shandong
China Daily
Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and Beijing University Technology Information website signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone at the event.

Increase seen in overseas rail deals
The Global Times
Russia is in need of high-speed railways to strengthen transport connections and cargo trade in the Far East of the country and to further develop the Siberia region, Wu Fei, a professor at Jinan University in South China's Guangdong Province, told the ...

R. China and the Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society corporately, the theme of the 2004 International Conference on Industrial Design is," Innovation·Property Right ·Competence". The forum will invite government leaders ...

Study in University Canteen for Postgraduate Entrance Exam
The photo shows students of a university in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province, studying in the school canteen to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. According to a student, there is only one classroom building nearby, and most of its ...

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