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The Stream, April 18: Chile Floods Leave Millions Without Water

Circle of Blue
Zhang Mingliang, associate professor at the ­Institute of Southeast Asian Studies at Jinan University, on the mistrust China faces in the Mekong River basin despite efforts to release water downstream this year. (South China Morning Post) Despite high ...

Giant postcard in east China sets world record

Stretching over 1,394 meters, the postcard is a composite of 10,000 regular-sized postcards about Jinan, all filled out by students from the High School Attached to Shandong Normal University and the School of International Education and Exchange of ...

New Chinese proficiency exam for overseas Chinese piloted

Whereas the existing Chinese proficiency exam, also called HSK, is for foreigners in general, the new test of HSC was designed for overseas Chinese, especially teenagers, Hu Jun, president of Jinan University said. The HSC test, developed by Jinan ...

East China's Jinan becomes the most congested city

China Daily
and the sustainable transport research institute set up by Tsinghua University and auto manufacturer Daimler AG. It shows that Jinan, the capital city of East China's Shandong province, tops the list in traffic congestion, followed by Beijing, and Hangzhou ...

Releasing water from China’s dams ‘won’t wash away mistrust’ over Mekong

South China Morning Post
Zhang Mingliang, associate professor at Jinan University’s ­Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, said the releases were superficial and unlikely to overcome longstanding criticism of China’s management of water in the river’s upper reaches.

Jinan ranks China's most congested city

It is the second time that Jinan surpassed Beijing to be the most jammed city since the third quarter of last year, according to a report compiled by map service provider AMAP and a transport research center attached to the Tsinghua University. Other top ...

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