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'Broody' Simon Cowell 'wants another baby'
New Delhi, September 2 (ANI): Simon Cowell has revealed that he wants another baby. He confessed that he and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman are already planning their family, and added that he has been thinking about having a baby between series of X ...

12 injured in Punjab college clash over Pakistan match
Chandigarh: Twelve students at a private engineering college in Punjab were injured following a clash between students from Kashmir and others over support to Pakistan team during an international cricket match, college sources said Thursday. Police said ...

USC football player admits making up a widely publicised 'heroic' rescue story, university feels embarrassed
Los Angeles police said Shaw's name appeared in an incident report from his girlfriend's downtown Los Angeles apartment ... Shaw's admission is an embarrassment for the popular college football program days ahead from its opening game on Saturday.

Who are you today?
Wonder Woman In Today
We found a solution though! My girlfriend and I managed to get naughty in a cabin in a cybercafe! Once I moved to Bombay, I didn't lose my adventurous streak-I made out in the middle of a street at 2 in the morning!

College clerk shot dead over group fight
Sambhal: A college clerk was shot dead after a clash erupted between two rival groups of students in Chandausi police station area here this morning. The rival groups had clashed in Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College two days ago, but the teachers had ...

Somebody is watching you
Wonder Woman In Today
"My ex- girlfriend felt that my little red Maruti 800 was the most romantic place on earth. We have had several steamy sessions in that car. It started when we were in college and I had to drop her home. We made out at a friend's place but never tried ...

No More Cuttting!
Hetal Jappi asks a few students about their experiences of cutting open living beings Circa 1995: A class 12 student enter the biology lab in her college to a funny smell. She was prepared for her science practical, but not for this nasty smell.

Kapil Sharma’s girlfriend married a store owner in London
New Delhi: Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma reveals that he also faced a broken relationship in the past. The bond which bloomed in his college did not mature into a wedding but the comedy star has no qualms about it & is happy in the zone of being free ...

Chetan Bhagat's 'Half Girlfriend' Reveals New-Era Love Story
International Business Times
"Half Girlfriend" revolves around a boy from almost rural area in Bihar who doesn't speak English well. He falls in love with a rich girl in St Stephen's college, Delhi. The book is about what happens when two people from different classes fall in love.

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