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Criteria for foreign-language test exemption unclear, students say
Le Thi Thu Thuy, head of the training division of Hanoi Foreign Trade University, said that if MOET did not create such “conversion rates”, the school would have to consider the students’ marks on finals in making its enrollment decisions.

Foreign Trade University students get summer school certificates
HA NOI (VNS) — Economics and business students can consider journalism as their new career in which they can utilise both their knowledge of economics and journalistic skills. The idea was stressed at the ceremony to award certificates of the Summer ...

YouTube sensation wins Vietnamese version of ‘The Winner Is’
Tuoitre News
Lan Anh, a student at Ho Chi Minh City Foreign Trade University, beat Nam Huong, a strong opponent, in the September 28 finale to be crowned the champion. The finale, which took place at Maximart Cong Hoa Stadium, saw the fiery battles between four ...

Foreign Minister makes friends on UN sidelines
Minh was speaking during bilateral meetings with foreign ... trade ties, particularly with regards to telecommunications services, tourism infrastructure and seafood processing. The Vietnamese Dep-uty PM also met several economists from Harvard University ...

Top scorers on university entrance exams are rural students
In 2013, Nguyen Trong Hung, a student from Nam Khoai Chau High School in Hung Yen Province, was the top scorer for entrance to Hanoi Foreign Trade University and one of the two top scorers in the country, with 29.5 marks. In the latest 2014 university ...

Vietnam refuses Taiwanese steel firm's hardball compensation proposal amid rising national security concerns
Thanh Nien News
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said at a meeting between the government and representatives of foreign investors in Ho Chi Minh City last month that foreign investment and trade continued ... the Washington-based American University who has published ...

Hanoi girl digs deeper into Vietnam cultural strata
Tuoitre News
A graduate of Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Ha was named runner-up of the 2012 “60s chinh phuc nha dau tu” (60s Contest), a playground launched by Viet Youth Entrepreneurs (VYE) to encourage students to display their knowledge, express their opinions ...

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