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AUB ranked fifth best university in the Middle East
Lebanon Daily Star
BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut ranked first in the Arab region for social sciences, second in medicine programs, and came in fifth overall, in a ranking that featured 91 higher education institutions from 16 countries. The evaluation was made by ...

US: Iran’s Current Uranium Enrichment Should Be “Acceptable”
After months of intense negotiations the two sides have "identified potential answers to some key questions," Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said in a speech at an award-giving ceremony at Georgetown University ... in the Middle East with more ...

DNA Study Dates Eurasian Split from East Asians
"People had largely tended to think that Europeans today were mostly influenced by the Neolithic expansion from the Middle East," said Sarah Tishkoff, a professor of genetics at the University of Pennsylvania who wasn't involved in the latest study.

Egypt student dies from wounds in university clashes
Lebanon Daily Star
CAIRO: An Egyptian student died Tuesday from gunshot wounds suffered last week in clashes between police and Alexandria university students backing ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a health official said. Omar Abdel Wahab is the first student to have died ...

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter: ’Democracy Is For Infidels’
Middle East Transparent
Among them are many people who have university degrees, people who were well-established. But they all see the inequities that we Muslims have long experienced and want to fight against them.

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