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Larijani Hails Hezbollah ’Positive’ Role in Region
Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani, currently in Beirut, hailed what he described as the "positive" role played by the Hezbollah in the Middle East. "There are groups ... a lecture delivered at the Lebanese University campus in Beirut.

Egypt jails student over Facebook atheism page
Lebanon Daily Star
The sentence was handed down Monday by a criminal court in the northeastern city of Ismailiya, where Gaber studies literature at university. Human rights lawyer Ahmad Abdel Nabi, who is following the case, said Gaber was arrested in October 2013 after a ...

Protesters march near university of murdered Turkish woman
Lebanon Daily Star
The protesters marched near Cag University in Mersin, where Aslan was a psychology student. According to Turkey’s private DHA news agency, they carried banners that said “Rape is a crime against humanity,” “Did you hear ?zge’s scream?”

Yemen’s Zaidis: A Window for Iranian Influence
Middle East Transparent
During a trip to Iran earlier this month, Mohatwari asked for financial and educational support from the University of Religions and Denominations ... soft-power tool or mobilizing Shiites in the Middle East to threaten the West’s interests and allies.

Justice Elusive 10 Years after Killing of Hariri
one of the most prominent Sunni politicians in the Middle East. The massive explosion that tore through his convoy on the Beirut seaside 10 years ago sent a tremor across the region and unleashed a popular uprising that briefly united the Lebanese and ...

The Last of the Arab Jews
Middle East Transparent
Across the rest of the Middle East, Jewish communities have been vanishing over the ... SERGIO DELLAPERGOLA, HEBREW UNIVERSITY Mounting concerns about anti-Semitism in France—which culminated recently in the massacre of several Jews in a Parisian kosher ...

Study: Sperm Mutations Point to Risk for Teen Fathers
Delving into the phenomenon, researchers led by Peter Forster at Britain's University of Cambridge analysed the DNA of more than 24,000 parents and their children in Germany, Austria, the Middle East and Africa. The youngest mother was 10.7 years old and ...

Egypt Refers 5 Students to Military Court over Protest
An Egyptian court referred five university students Monday to military trial over ... another nail in the coffin of justice in Egypt," said Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East and North Africa director for the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

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