Jilin, Jilin, China
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Economic change weighs heavily on manufacturers
His heavily indebted shipyard was taken over by Sainty Marine Corp, a bigger shipbuilder ... up 303,400 tons in just one week, according to the Lange Steel Information Research Center, a Beijing-based industrial consultancy. The government has been pushing ...

The market posts fifth weekly gains
The S&P 500 index price is up 11.64% year-to-date, with the total return being up 13.71%. With 26 trading days left until the end of the year, this could potentially be the third consecutive year of double-digit gains for investors.

Robots in China: The Bot Connection
No ... industrial robot technology and establish a foothold in the wider robotics industry. “It solves the problem of labor costs and lack of labor in some areas. Less and less people would like to do that kind of job,” says Song, citing elderly care ...

'Small giants' do heavy lifting for industrial base
China Daily
The automated factory, which uses robots to load bottles of corrosive industrial chemicals, is said to be ... The two companies are examples of the high-tech enterprises that Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, has tried hard to cultivate and support.

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