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Egyptian Dreams
The American University in Cairo
Revolts resemble love affairs. At the beginning ... In the last hundred years, two Egyptian dreams have been crushed. The Egyptian liberal age that extended from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century gave rise to the country’s modern institutions ...

Video: Mexico keeper Ochoa blocked Brazil not Abou-Treika, Egypt fans reminisce
Ahram Online
But more six thousand miles away of Fortaleza stadium, Egyptian football lovers, whose team didn't qualify, have expressed their admiration to the no-club-keeper Ochoa by recalling memories of an old match combined him with the country's most popular ...

A legendary love
Dealing with such topics as “legends of sex and entertainment”, the Moroccan hammam and Moroccans’ “eternal love for Egypt”, the book is a deeply engaging narrative. As a travel guide it can be confusing, however, something the author attributes ...

Egypt's cultural picks of the week, 7-14 September: VIDEOS
Ahram Online
51B Egypt-Helwan Elzeraey Road, El Maadi, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt Also on this day: - About Lovers play at Amir Taz Palace at 7pm (Check Monday 8 September for more details) - Endless Laughter theatre play at Miami Theatre, 8pm. Check Sunday 7 September ...

Egypt’s identity: Hovering between love and rule of law
Daily News Egypt
Egyptian rulers gamble when they think that they can manipulate the national identity to serve their political goals. Each ruler has his own perception of the Egyptian identity that he wants to impose on society either through expressing love or by ...

PM: Bill of economic reform not to be paid by low-income people
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab visited on Sunday the pavilion of "youths who love Egypt" movement at Spring Flowers exhibition in Orman Park. Agriculture Minister Ayman Farid Abu-Hadid accompanied Mahlab during the visit. Mahlab said that the government was ...

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