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The Essence of our Encounter: Egyptian artists interweave poetry and music
Ahram Online
“Egypt is the garden embracing all poets ... joviality with Haddad’s Kaman W Kaman — a vivid tableau of love scenes, sung into life, where the lover whispers words of love to his beloved, as they enjoy the gentle sea breeze during sunset.

Egypt's forthcoming Eid Al-Adha films
Ahram Online
Five new films will be released this Eid holiday, when Egyptians traditionally flock to cinemas, but two much anticipated movies have been postponed for technical reasons. Eid al-Adha falls on Wednesday 23 September. The release of widely anticipated Men ...

Moulin Rouge delights Cairo Opera House
Daily News Egypt
All the problems and obstacles that face the young lovers, however, were not able to destroy their love or make them give up on each other. All but one; death. The terminal illness of the beautiful Satine leads to her untimely and devastating death in the ...

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