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AmCham Egypt & EUSBC Joint Mission to Washington and New York
Egypt Monthly
As part of its continued efforts to maintain and foster a robust U.S.-Egypt relationship, AmCham Egypt and the Egypt-U.S. Business Council (EUSBC) organized a joint mission to Washington D.C. from February 10-14 , where they met with Members of Congress ...

Egypt’s Cupid
Sure enough, people love their country but in quite different ways. Love for Egypt is not only manifested in demonstrations, strikes or being engaged in the political arena, but also in hard work, education, self-development and devoting oneself to loving ...

PM: Bill of economic reform not to be paid by low-income people
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab visited on Sunday the pavilion of "youths who love Egypt" movement at Spring Flowers exhibition in Orman Park. Agriculture Minister Ayman Farid Abu-Hadid accompanied Mahlab during the visit. Mahlab said that the government was ...

Tombs of legendary lovers
Cleopatra and Mark Antony: Although the location of the mausoleum of the lovers is not known, the love between the Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra VI and Mark Antony is one of the most fascinating and touching of all. It was for this reason that William ...

Ramadan beneath the surface
Daily News Egypt
We, a meat-loving Egyptian and a flexible vegetarian foreigner with a shared love of food, go on a culinary quest through the streets of Cairo to experience Ramadan beneath the surface. It is not easy for some Egyptians living in Nasr City’s far end 10th ...

Cinderella story of Egyptian cinema told through film on Soad Hosny
Ahram Online
In the 60s Egypt aspired towards modernity, and cinema reflected a certain emancipation of women - marrying for love, claiming their right to co-exist in public space and the educational sphere, and even to flirt and date boys. In the first act ...

Egyptian Dreams
The American University in Cairo
Revolts resemble love affairs. At the beginning ... In the last hundred years, two Egyptian dreams have been crushed. The Egyptian liberal age that extended from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century gave rise to the country’s modern institutions ...

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