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Dilwali does it
Shah Rukh Khan is the heartthrob of Egyptian lovers of Indian cinema. His dance and drama duo does it. A couple in love try to overcome the violent conflict between their respective families. This is a theme familiar to Egyptians, and the kitsch completes ...

No hard feelings

Daily News Egypt
They are lovers of theoretical talks that include incorrect numbers ... God bless you and your faults. God bless Egypt and its people and its army. Abdallah Al-Moghazy is the former assistant to both Prime Minister Sherif Ismail and former prime minister ...

Alexander Saroukhan: New exhibition showcases pioneer of political cartoons in Egypt

Ahram Online
For the coming month, art lovers in Egypt will have the opportunity to experience the work of Egyptian political cartoon pioneer Alexander Saroukhan. A selection of Armenian-Egyptian Saroukhan’s political cartoons are showcased for the first time at Al ...

‘Sounds As If’ marks the start of DCAF Season 5

Daily News Egypt
The opening event gathered a spectacular number of artists and art lovers, and showcased a one-of-a-kind exhibition at the old French consulate. ‘Sounds As If’ is a collaborative exhibition featuring the works of six different artists with one goal.

Saving Cleopatra: How Egypt’s animal rescuers battle cruelty and change lives

Ahram Online
But the most famous Cleopatra of all is Mama Cleo. Because even in a country rife with animal abuse, the case of Mama Cleo hit a nerve with many Egyptians as well as animal lovers overseas. An Egyptian baladi, Mama Cleo lived in Alexandria and had a litter ...

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