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Tombs of legendary lovers
Cleopatra and Mark Antony: Although the location of the mausoleum of the lovers is not known, the love between the Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra VI and Mark Antony is one of the most fascinating and touching of all. It was for this reason that William ...

Love in turbulent times - Egyptian political activist Amr Hamzawy openly declares his love for cinem
Ahram Online
“Does a person who advocates the right to choice deserve respect when he does not stand up to pressure from his family and society and denies his feelings for the woman of his heart because of what she does for a living…, I don't think so,” writes ...

Egyptian Dreams
The American University in Cairo
Revolts resemble love affairs. At the beginning ... In the last hundred years, two Egyptian dreams have been crushed. The Egyptian liberal age that extended from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century gave rise to the country’s modern institutions ...

PM: Bill of economic reform not to be paid by low-income people
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab visited on Sunday the pavilion of "youths who love Egypt" movement at Spring Flowers exhibition in Orman Park. Agriculture Minister Ayman Farid Abu-Hadid accompanied Mahlab during the visit. Mahlab said that the government was ...

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