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£15 million for gene research
The Evening Times
The University of Glasgow's Wolfson Wohl Cancer Centre and Edinburgh Genomics, the UK's largest university-based gene sequencing facility, will be at the centre of the project. Professor Jonathan Seckl, vice principal (research) at the University of ...

Scientists Identify Scottish Fossil as Jurassic-Age “Marine Lizard”
According to a team of paleontologists led by scientists from Edinburgh University, the newly identified ichthyosaur helps to fill the gap in the fossil record in the Middle Jurassic period (about 176 million to 161 million years ago). In a study published ...

£15m boost for gene tech research
Evening Express
A £15 million university project has been set up to enable more precise medical diagnoses and more personalised treatment for patients. The investment in gene sequencing technology will see experts from the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow working ...

Move over Nessie, Scotland gets a new prehistoric marine reptile
"It is from Scotland, and is the first uniquely Scottish marine reptile ever discovered and studied," said University of Edinburgh paleontologist Steve Brusatte, one of the researchers in the study published on Monday in the Scottish Journal of Geology.

Scotland: Prehistoric marine predator prowled Isle of Skye waters 170 million years ago
International Business Times
Identified from fossils found on the Isle of Skye by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, the uniquely Scottish marine creature was 14ft long from snout to tail. The team that studied fossil fragments of skulls, teeth, vertebrae and an upper arm ...

Was this Nessie’s ancestor? Giant prehistoric monster roamed Scottish waters
Daily Telegraph
The dolphin-like creatures were as long as 14 feet from snout to tail, and inhabited warm, shallow seas around Scotland during the Jurassic Period, according to researchers at the University of Edinburgh. They were near the top of the food chain at the ...

Demise of the dinosaurs mapped: Fossils in Europe confirm that beasts were wiped out rapidly by an a
Daily Mail
Dr Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh's School of GeoSciences , an author on the report, added: 'Everyone knows that an asteroid hit 66 million years ago and dinosaurs disappeared, but this story is mostly based on fossils from one part of the ...

Major investment boosts Scotland's gene research
The Universities will draw on the Medical Genomics leadership based at the University of Glasgow's Wolfson Wohl Cancer Centre, a leading-edge translational research facility dedicated to cancer, and the expertise of Edinburgh Genomics, the UK's largest ...

Crowdfunding boosts research into Parkinson's drugs
Dr Lysimachos Zografos, CEO of Parkure, which was formed by a group of scientists to fast-track research conducted at the University of Edinburgh, said it was a pioneering approach to funding. "If successful, this will be the first time this model of ...

Cat owned by Dominican friars given his own university library card
Jordon leaves his home at the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy every day and makes his way across George Square to settle down in the library. A student admirer has created a Facebook page for the cat, writing about the cat’s fictional adventures and ...

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