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Under 18’s ‘should be able vote in all elections’
Edinburgh News
THE voting age should be lowered in all elections in the United Kingdom, according to new research. Experts at Edinburgh University said the Scottish ­independence referendum, which saw 16 and 17 year-olds given the right to vote for the first time in a ...

The Irish in Scotland: A Musical Tale
Derry Journal
Led by Dr Fred Freeman of the University of Edinburgh, the lecture will examine ‘The Irish in Scotland: The Songs of Robert Tannahill’. It will focus on a collection of Scottish songs written in defence of 19th Century Irish emigrants to Scotland ...

Sports-loving journalist transfers to university PR role
Hold The Front Page
He’s taking up a post as media and communications officer at Edinburgh Napier University after 26 years in the newspaper game. Said Jack:: “I’ve had some great fun in the newspaper business but few regrets about moving on. “The last few years were ...

Edinburgh University men aim to tame mighty Falkirk Fury
Edinburgh News
It does not get any easier for Edinburgh University following their painful defeat to Edinburgh Kings in the men’s Scottish Basketball League. The students visit unbeaten defending champions Falkirk Fury at the Mariner Centre tonight, with their hosts ...

Jurassic sea crocs lived similar lives to their modern relatives
A team of researchers led by the University of Edinburgh re-examined fossils of all the members of the Machimosaurus genus discovered so far. Machimosaurus is a crocodylomorph - a group of creatures that includes modern and extinct crocodile relatives.

More fossils of ancient giant crocodile found
The Scotsman
Researchers at Edinburgh University said the ancient crocodile group included a nine-metre long saltwater species, which was adapted to living in open seas and fed on marine turtles. Its closest relatives lived closer to shore. • Keep up to date with all ...

More ancient crocodiles discovered in Edinburgh University study
The life of the crocodile's prehistoric relative, the Machimosaurus, has been revealed by a study of fossils from across Europe. Edinburgh University researchers said the ancient crocodile group included a nine-metre long saltwater species that lived in ...

University of Leeds to buy only ethically sourced electronic equipment
Blue & Green Tomorrow
Please pledge. The school has joined other members including the University of Edinburgh, the London Universities Purchasing Consortium and the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges. Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation ...

Fifteen Lloyds Scholars from University of Edinburgh
the Edinburgh Reporter
The innovative social mobility programme from Lloyds Banking Group provides new students with financial support and employability skills in partnership with The University of Edinburgh An additional fifteen students from The University of Edinburgh have ...

Three days to create a business
the Edinburgh Reporter
This weekend, 65 student entrepreneurs from undergrads to PhD students who attend the University of Edinburgh, will be building a business from scratch, having signed up to participate in the 3DS (3 Day Startup) challenge, one the country’s most ...

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