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New class of experimental drug could help patients with bile duct cancer
Around 1000 patients are affected each year in the UK. The study was led by the University of Edinburgh and is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. It was funded by Cancer Research UK; AMMF, The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity; and the Medical ...

Experimental class of drug could help people with bile duct cancer
Fewer than one in 20 patients will survive for five years after diagnosis. A study led by scientists at the University of Edinburgh has found that a key pathway — known as Wnt — drives tumour growth in the cancer. Researchers found that the treatment ...

Summit at city's top sporting university to discuss Plymouth's future
THE Herald
Also attending are sports specialists from Edinburgh University, Canterbury Christchurch University, Sheffield Hallam University and Glasgow City Council.

Carving out success: Harry Holmes focuses on becoming ice climbing champion after surviving tragic a
Hull Daily Mail
Although Harry is keen not to dwell on the past, the 2011 accident is something that is not easily forgotten. The University of Edinburgh graduate survived a tragic climbing accident, which claimed the life of fellow student Robbie Cammack. The pair had ...

Five things to do in Coventry and Warwickshire this Wednesday night
Coventry Telegraph
SEE: ALUN COCHRANE @ WARWICK ARTS CENTRE, THE UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK, GIBBET HILL ROAD, COVENTRY Building on the success of his sold out run at Edinburgh festival the ray of sunshine himself, Alun Cochrane, embarks on a UK tour which his new stand-up show.

Humans responsible for mutant bacteria strain that KILLS rabbits, say researchers
The Daily Express
The study's co-leader, Professor Ross Fitzgerald from the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute, added: "Domestication of animals, industrialisation of agriculture and globalisation have provided new opportunities for the transmission of bacteria ...

‘Scientific fact’ should decide fracking policy
The Scotsman
and Professor Patrick Corbett from Heriot-Watt University. Leading scientists appearing at the festival, which runs from 4-19 April, include Edinburgh-based Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs, physicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell, and Gaia theorist James Lovelock.

Eddie Doyle: Healthy future thanks to Sick Kids
Edinburgh News
The co-location of the Department of Child Life and Health with the University of Edinburgh Medical School will further improve patient care from a strong teaching and research base. I am in no doubt that when the time comes to move to our new home ...

What you need to know about John Allan, the new Tesco chairman
Financial Times
But what were the qualities that impressed the Tesco board? Mr Allan graduated with a degree in mathematical sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 1970, and was finance director of Deutsche Post for many years. He is well-armed to oversee the ...

Research opens new avenue for bile duct cancer treatment trials
Experimental drugs that block it are already being tested in patients with other cancers. But the latest study, led by the University of Edinburgh, gives the first indication that bile duct cancer may be particularly susceptible to these drugs. The ...

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