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Robert Lifson, M.d.Beverly Hills High School Alumni and Residential Meeting Regarding Health Issues Related to Toxic ContaminationWHO: Medical and Legal Experts in the Field of Toxic Contamination§ James Dahlgren, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist, Toxicologist§ Reynold Schmidt, MD, Toxicologist§ Robert Lifson, MD, Internal Medicine and Environmental Specialist§ Harp Takhar, MPH, Epidemiologist§ Law Firm of Edward Deason§ Law Firm of Lundy & DavisConcerned Citizens and Alumni of Beverly Hills High SchoolWHAT: Medical and legal experts familiar with the situation at Beverly Hills High School will host an informational and fact-finding meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to provide concerned citizens with an overview of the current situation regarding toxic contamination in and around the high school. They will be available to answer questions and provide advice regarding potential legal action. In addition, a comprehensive in-depth health study (covering all health issues) will be conducted on all willing Beverly Hills High School alumni, as well as the nearby residents to determine thehealth effects resulting from exposure to chemicals released in the operation of oil and gas wells.WHERE: Beverly Hilton Hotel -- Versailles BallroomWHEN: Monday, May19, 7 pmWHY: Recent information reveals that Beverly Hills High School is the site of a "cancer cluster," leading to increased concern among parents and citizens of Beverly Hills. For more than two decades, high-capacity oil and gas production wells have operated at, and in the immediate vicinity of, Beverly Hills High School. Until recently, there were 18 active and 25 abandoned wells, including deep wells beneath two athletic fields and a tennis court. Toxic gases were discharged into the local atmosphere through a venting system from the wells. It has recently been discovered that exposure to these vented toxic gases are the probable cause of significantly high ra

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