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Bergil Josef Domer

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AB Basketball Team
AB Behavioral Science Society
AB Commerce
AB Communication Arts
AB Economics
AB Literary Society
AB Pax Romana
AB Philosophy
Action Singers Alumni Association Foundation, Inc.
Advanced ROTC - CMT
Aegis Juris Fraternity
Aguman Capampangan
Akrho International Service Humanitarian Fraternity-Sorority
Alliance for Democracy and Justice in UST
Aquinas Dramatic Guild
Artistang Artlets
Arts and Letters Football Club
Asian Studies
Association of Foreign Students
Barikada '80
Biology Batch 1995
BS Actuarial Math Batch 1985
BS Biology
BS Biology Accelerated Program
BS Chemical Engineering Batch 1994
BS Chemistry
BS Economics
BS Food Technology
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
BS Math Batch 1985
BS Math Society
BS Microbiology
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Tourism
BS Zoology
BSC - BA Batch 1986
BSN Batch 1988, Section 2
BSP Golden Scouts Alumni
Catanduanes Students And Alumni Association
CE Batch 1999
Central Board of Students / Supreme Student Government
Central Seminary
Chemical Engineering
Chorus of Arts and Letters
Collective Leadership for Active Students Participation
College of Architecture
College of Arts Political Science
College of Commerce
College of Commerce - BSA
College of Commerce - BSBA
College of Commerce - Economics
College of Commerce - Journal
College of Commerce - Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Batch 1994
College of Education
College of Education - Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Management
College of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering
College of Engineering BSCE Batch 2001
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy - Botany
College of Science
College of Science - 4B Psycology Batch 1995
College of Science - 4C Biology
College of Science - Actuarial Science
College of Science - BS Chemistry Batch 1999
College of Science - BS Psychology
College of Science - Computer Science
College of Science - Glee Club
College of Science - UST Mathematical Society
College of Science - UST Red Cross Youth Organization
Commerce Pax Romana
Conservatory of Music
Department of Biochemistry
Ecclesiastical Faculties
Educ-Bio-Chem Society Class 89
Education High School
Education Journal
Education Mathematics Society
Elementary Batch 1982
Elementary Batch 1988
Faculty of Arts and Letters
Faculty of Arts and Letters - Legal Management Society
Faculty of Canon Law
Faculty of Civil Law
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Batch 2001
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Sacred Theology
Fine Arts - Interior Design
Fine Arts - Painting
Golden Corps of Cadets
Golden Cross and Sabre Fraternity (Reserve Officers' Alumni Association)
Golden Nuggets - Juniors Basketball Team
Graduate School
Hospital House Staff
Hospital Interns Organization
Industrial Engineering
Institute of Physical Therapy
Institute of Technological Courses
Journalism Society
Journalism, Political Science Majors and Faculty of Arts and Letters Committee of Correspondence
Junior Pharmaceutical Association, Gamma Chapter
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Batch 1992
Lakasdiwa (Lakas Ng Diwang Tomasino)
Lakasmasa (Lakas Ng Mamamayan Para Sa Sambayanan)
League of Filipino Students
Library Science Alumni
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Missions Incorporated
Medical Technology
Medicine Batch 1991
Medicu Et Vitae Confraternity
MT Section D Batch 1993
Nursing Aide Batch 1988
Pax Romana
Pay High School
Pay High School Batch 1987
Peer Facilitator's Group Batch 1993 - 1997
Phar Batch 1996
Red Cross Youth Council
Rei Jiloca Thomasian Friends and Classmates
Salinggawi Dance Troupe
Sarangani Study Center
Sociological Society
Softball Team
Student Reform Movement
Student Tourist Guides Bureau
Student's Tourism Society
Systems - The UST Computer Society
Tau Mu Sigma Phi
Teatro Tomasino
The Varsitarian
Thomasian Engineer
Varsity Fencing Team
Womens Basketball Team (Golddust, Goldbelles, Tigress)
Womens Softball Team

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