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ABE International College of Business and Accountancy
AMA Computer Learning Center
AMA Computer University - Lucena Campus
Calayan Educational Foundation Inc.
Luzonian University
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
Maryhill College
Medical Center Lucena Educational Institution
Metrodata Computer School
Quezon Memorial Hospital School of Nursing
Sacred Heart College
Saint Anne College
STI College - Lucena
United Computer Educational Institution
High School

Cotta National High School
Enverga University (High School)
Holy Child Jesus Institute
Holy Infant Jesus Montessori Center Philippines
Holy Rosary Catholic High School
Lucena City National High School
Maryhill Academy
Maryknoll Academy
Philippine Tong Ho Institute
Quezon National High School
Sacred Heart College High School
South Central Luzon Academy

Primary School

Elementary/Middle School

Lucena West I Elementary School


Ariston Lim Construction
Calmar Land Development Corp.
Jollibee Foods Corporation - Lucena
Jollibee Foods Corporation - Lucena Grand Central
Jollibee Foods Corporation - Pacific Mall Lucena
Medical Center Lucena


Columbus Maritime Institute
Honor Society of Lamdba Kappa Phi
Jospher 05 Net
Kalilayan Chapter Order of Demolay
Quezon Memorial Hospital
SM Lucena
St Alphonsus School of Theology
The Honor Society of the Lambda Sigma
United Computer Programming Center
Young Professionals' Movement for Community Service (Yuppies Move!), Inc.
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Deals in Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines
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